Fresh, Local, Fruits and Vegetables – and so much more

Yesterday I received my box from Washington’s Green Grocer. This was my fifth box from them over the past few months and I am absolutely in love with this service. The company has been serving the Washington DC area for more than 17 years – and they are good at what they do! They give you a place to buy local, organic fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, etc. In my box yesterday I got cabbage, sweet potatoes, blueberries, broccoli, apples, tangerines, bananas, kale, grapefruit, clementines, green leaf lettuce, cucumbers, ground pork and ground lamb. What a bounty! Personally, I think their prices are just as cheap, or less than, what I would pay at my local grocery store and you get great quality – and local – food! Their service has been one of my key steps to living a green lifestyle. Check out their website here. They aren’t a sponsor or anything – I just can’t help but rave about their service. I’ve already gotten two of my friends hooked as well 🙂 And, by the way, if you do sign up put my name in the reference section and I earn credits with the company! Leave a comment if you’re interested.

So yesterday when I got home I had a big box of food to clean and store and decide what to do with. This is one of my favorite parts of getting a box. There’s a new mix of fruits and vegetables each week so it’s a little like ‘Chopped’ – I look at the ingredients and decide what I can use them to make. They do send the list of the week’s items on Mondays and you can decide if there’s anything you want to add or exclude based on your personal tastes. For this week’s box, the bananas, kale and blueberries will end up in my morning smoothies. I drink a kale smoothie every morning, so I’m always in need of these ingredients. For the recipe, see my post here. The apples, tangerines, clementines are my snacks during the day at work. I always keep a big bowl of snackable fruits on hand that I can eat throughout the day. Now for the broccoli and sweet potatoes – I have a great idea for them! This past weekend, I visited a new restaurant in my hometown of Chesapeake, VA called the Lemongrass Grille with my mom for lunch. I absolutely loved this restaurant. They serve asian-inspired dishes with all local, organic ingredients (when possible) and it’s “build-your-own” style food. You know what I mean, you choose a base (rice noodles, lettuce, rice, wrap) then choose a protein, then a sauce, and then vegetables and toppings. I ended up getting rice noodles with smoked pork, a peanut-garlic sauce, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted broccoli, scallions, peanuts, and green beans. I can’t begin to communicate how delicious it was – and since I don’t live there anymore I can’t go back. So I roasted up the broccoli and sweet potatoes in the oven and put them in a Tupperware in the fridge to have on hand to throw into salads/etc throughout the week. I may even try to re-create the delicious dish from the Lemongrass Grille. Once again, the trick to eating healthy is always having healthy options available to you so you can resist other, less healthy, choices.

Here’s a picture of my delicious roasted broccoli:


And don’t throw away the broccoli stems! I keep them (and cauliflower stems) in the freezer and then I have them on hand to make cream of broccoli soup. I try to never waste anything! Here are my stems all prepped for the freezer:


I hope this post gave you some inspiration to keep lots of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables in the house! And if you’re in the DC area, definitely give Washington’s Green Grocer a chance because they are helping to change my life. 🙂


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