Meatless Monday

So I’ve been doing meatless Mondays for a few weeks now. Cutting back on meat is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint, reduce your grocery bill (meat is one of the most expensive forms of protein), and eat healthier! I’ve found that I end up eating meatless more than just on Monday because I’m finishing off leftovers from Monday night. Also, I’ve been working on changing my diet to plant-based diet, so I find myself making meatless choices more often, and I feel great!

Tonight I decided to make a cheese pizza using my homemade whole wheat pizza crust (recipe to be posted soon) with a big salad on the side. I make a batch of whole wheat pizza dough, roll it out into crusts that are big enough for approximately two servings (small servings) and then pre-bake and freeze them for nights like tonight. I set the crust out to defrost while I went to the gym, and it was ready to top when I got home. I topped it with a little grated garlic (which is probably overkill on the garlic, but I am a well-documented garlic addict so it was just right for me), pizza sauce and mozzarella. Currently I’m using a canned pizza sauce – but it has less than 5 ingredients, and they are all real foods so it’s still green eating! I am planning on making my own pizza sauce this summer when tomatoes come back in season. Here’s the sauce and my topped pizza.



It is a very small pizza. It’s probably closer to one serving but I prefer to have my veggies be the main component on the meal, with other things like carbs and meat as an accent. I served half of the finished pizza with a salad of romaine lettuce, cucumbers, and sliced pimento-stuffed green olives. I made a very simple balsamic vinaigrette to top the salad (just a few tablespoons of olive oil whisked together with a teaspoon of balsamic vinegar). Such a simple and delicious meal!


What’s your favorite meatless meal? Have you tried to go meatless at any point?


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