Kitchen Tips: How to Segment Citrus Fruit!


So over the weekend I was about to segment a grapefruit to snack on (because eating it the other way – cut in half and with a fork – is such a time consuming process!) when I realized that this might be a useful skill to share with you all 🙂 So here we go…how to segment citrus!

First, cut off the top and bottom of your fruit so that the inner flesh is just showing (making sure you have gotten through the ‘pith’ which is the white part of a fruit closet to the skin). This also makes your fruit stand up nicely on your cutting board without rolling around.


Next, slice gently around the curve of the fruit to remove the skin and pith – make sure there is no white pitch remaining, that you make it all the way down to the fruit.


Finally, cut along the white lines separating each wedge of fruit. If you cut along both white edges of a segment – it should fall right out.


Tada! 🙂

Then use the segments in salads, snacks, or whatever else you need them for. I hope this kitchen tip helps you in your culinary adventures!


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