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Like most everyone – I have a workout playlist on my iPhone that I use when I go running. Mine is called “Workin’ on My Fitness” and it is a continually growing and changing list of songs that motivate me in one way or another. Some songs are included because of the lyrics – and some because they have the right beat (beats per minute) to keep me in rhythm on my run. Sometimes a song comes on at the perfect moment that just pushes you to keep going – and do better than you have before – so I love reading other people’s playlists and constantly gathering new ideas. In this spirit, I wanted to share with you ten of my current favorites. 🙂 Please feel free to share your favorite songs in the comments! I’m always looking for more!

10 Workout Playlist Favorites

1. Kayne West “Stronger”

This song has a great beat, not to mention great lyrics! Actually, probably the only thing I like about Kayne West is this song. Key lyrics: “Now that that don’t kill me/Can only make me stronger/Work it harder/Make it Better”

2. Orianthia “According to You”

Overall great beat for running. Also, generally an uplifting message about being better than your ex thinks you are.

3. David Guetta ft. Akon “Sexy Chick”

I included this one for the beat, and it doesn’t hurt to have someone singing “Damn, you’s a sexy chick” to you while you run! Thanks Akon!

4. Christina Auguilera “Fighter”

I actually use the Glee cover by Darren Criss of this song in my playlist – but either version has a great beat. Key lyrics: “Makes me that much stronger/Makes me work a little bit harder/It makes me that much wiser/Thanks for making me a fighter”

5. Uncle Kracker ft. Kid Rock “Good to Be Me”

This is seriously my #1 all-time jam out. I dance in a crazy over-the-moon-happy, attracts the attention of other drivers fashion when this song comes on my radio. I just love it. Key lyrics: “Damn, I got it all figured out/I got no worries that I’m worried about/It’s like I caught some crazy, happy disease/Damn, it feels good to be me”

6. The Proclaimers “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”

This is seriously classic song. Plus an obvious reference to running a long distance (hey – the song says walking but I’m going to allow for a little artistic license :-)).

7. Muse “Uprising”

It seems a little slow for a running song – it’s actually one of the key songs that plays when I weight-lift but I love the lyrics. Key lyrics: “They will not control us/We will be victorious”

8. Ellie Goulding “Lights”

Another very catchy tune that results in me dancing around in my car while driving. I should probably stop pretending I don’t dance around my car to just about any song that comes on. Key lyrics: “And so I tell myself that I’ll be strong/and dreaming when they’re gone”

9. B.o.B. ft. Rivers Cuomo “Magic”

Hello great beat! Key lyrics “I got the magic in me!”

10. Woodkid “Run Boy Run”

Very alternative song – and at points in it, it doesn’t have the best beat for running but I think a good set of lyrics overcomes that. Key lyrics: “Run boy run/The world is not made for you/Run boy run/They’re trying to catch you/Run boy run/Running is a victory/Run boy run/Beauty lays behind the hills/But now it’s time to run, it’s time to run!”

What are your favorite workout songs?


5 responses to “Workout Playlist

  1. I’m loving Alive by Krewella and My Body by Christina Aguilera. They get me so pumped

  2. I too have a constantly changing “running mix” on my i-tunes. (that’s what I call it.) I add and subtract from it a lot, but here are 10 songs that always remain. In my case, it’s all about the tune and the beat. I’m not saying lyrics don’t matter, but that’s not why I listen to music. (Especially when I’m running)

    By the way I suspect we have very different tastes in music, but here’s my 10.

    Found a Job: Talking Heads
    Jane: Jefferson Starship
    Girls: Beastie Boys
    I’m Blue: Eiffel 66
    Sweet Leaf: Black Sabbath
    People Who Died: Jim Carrol
    Precious: The Pretenders
    Beat on the Brat: The Ramones (Can be changed out for ANY other Ramones song)
    Hawaii 5-O theme: The Ventures
    Bad Reputation: Joan Jett

    • Thanks for sharing your list! I have very eclectic taste in music, I just tend to lean towards the pop/rap sector when I’m running for the beat but there are a few of my favorites on your list too! And I cannot believe I forgot to add ‘I’m Blue’ to my playlist! That song is such a classic – thanks for reminding me of it! 🙂

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