June Triceps Challenge!

I’ve seen a lot of those monthly fitness challenge calendars on Pinterest and I think they’re pretty neat – although I feel like I rarely find one for the current month before that month starts! 🙂 I also have never seen one for my most-hated body part – the triceps! Good triceps really make or break nice, toned arms. Personally, I think my triceps are terrible and I know I don’t get enough opportunities to work them out. So I created my own June Triceps Challenge! 🙂 I wanted to share it with you all in case you want to play along.

Quick note: these exercises are relatively short and focus solely on the arms so they are in addition to my regular weekly work-outs.



6 responses to “June Triceps Challenge!

  1. These are awesome, I’m a huge fan of skull crushers and burpees! Best wishes in completing this fun calendar!

  2. Fab! I have no idea what a skull crusher is though..I’m going to ask in the gym later and get some done 🙂

  3. Great schedule FWF! Thanks for sharing.

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