Beets & More Beets

Friday night was a dreary one in DC as the remnants of Hurricane Andrea rolled through town. Being from the Hampton Roads area, hurricanes are old friends of mine and I never worry about them much (especially as far north as I am now), but all the rain and grey did put me in a rather dreary mood. Therefore, I decided to camp out in my apartment for the afternoon/evening and not work out. Seeing as I was running my first 5k the next morning, I thought it was the right thing to do to take the night off. I’m not sure if that’s true – somewhere in this running journey of mine I’m going to need to involve a professional, an experienced runner, someone who knows what the heck they’re doing.

But for this particular Friday, I had a stack of magazines calling my name.


Seriously, I subscribe to too many magazines (most of them related to food). Hence why I had to create an organization system for all the pages I rip out of magazines.

So my plan was to “camp out” in my living room with the aforementioned magazines, my cats, Netflix Instant, and a “tapas-style” dinner I whipped up from some leftovers.


It was sort of an Indian/Middle Eastern style tapas. I had a small amount of leftover tandoori chicken which I warmed up along with some naan bread (seriously my favorite thing to eat). I added a few tablespoons of Sabre Greek olive hummus (which was delicious spread on some naan with chicken on top). I also heated up a small serving (because it’s really filling!) of my Indian-spiced vegetable and lentil stew and topped it with some Greek yogurt. Finally, I chopped up some beets that I had roasted a few nights before into a “beet tartare” – a recipe I had conveniently stumbled upon the day before on another blog. I skipped the “cashew cheese” part of the recipe and just served the tartare over hummus. It was a filling dinner! 🙂


I’m happy to have another recipe to use up beets because I currently have a ton of roasted beet to use up. In my box from Washington’s Green Grocer I got two absolutely huge beets. They sort of looked like mandrakes to me.


To make sure they wouldn’t go bad, I roasted them in the oven at 350 degrees for about an hour, then let them cool and peeled them. I sliced up half of one beet to make pickled beets. I sliced up half of another to make beet chips (pictured below).


The beet chips were made in a very similar style to my sweet potato chips. Thinly sliced with a mandolin then roasted in a 300 degree over for 15 minutes, or until crisp. And look at how pretty they are when they’re sliced up!


After that, I still had one huge beet to do something with so I just cubed him up and put him in a container for use throughout the week. I used maybe a third of what I had stored up for the “beet tartare.” Delicious! I’m such a huge fan of beets in any form – it baffles me that a lot of people don’t like them.


But I’ll gladly keep eating them up! 🙂

On a completely unrelated note, I ended up watching “Scream” on Netflix Instant which I had somehow never seen before. The movie is hilarious! Completely unintentionally hilarious, but funny all the same. I actually checked IMDB to make sure it wasn’t supposed to be a comedy.

Do you like beets? What are your favorite beet recipes?


2 responses to “Beets & More Beets

  1. I love beetroot and will have to try making my own crisps with them. I really like them raw and grated like this as well such as versatile veg 🙂

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