June Goals Update

Today is June 14th, so since I’m terrible at blogging on the weekends, I’m calling this the mid-way point of June. Time to check in with my June goals! Can you believe we’re halfway through June already? Where does the time go? Every year seems to go by faster and faster and I find myself wishing I could hit the brakes.

June Goals:

1. Eat at least one non-fruit snack per day.

I would say I’ve done this just about half of the time. Problem being that I forgot that a lot of my go-to snacks (granola or Lara bar, Greek yogurt with nuts and dried fruit, etc) have fruit in them. I have switched to snacking on Greek yogurt with nuts and sunflower seeds, so that has helped. The main thing I’ve learned is that veggie snacks require planning, and this month has been a blur so far and I haven’t had that opportunity to plan. I’m still on the look-out for a veggie snack that will keep so I have it around when it’s needed. Suggestions welcome!

2. Make time for yoga at least once a week.

I very nearly messed up on this goal the very first week! But on Sunday I went to a yoga class at my gym and it was much-needed. It was a new teacher for me, and I loved her emphasis on hand balances (something I haven’t worked up to quite yet). Typically, I’ve been using Sunday as an all-out rest day but I think I may change that to a yoga day. Yoga on a Sunday afternoon just feels right. Of course, I fly out this Monday for a business trip and won’t be back until late at night the following Sunday so I have a feeling my workouts are going to be very improvised this week – and I definitely won’t be able to make it to my beloved gym. Grrr real life. I did order a Yoga for Runners DVD off of Amazon a few days ago so I’m hoping that it will help me do yoga more often, like when I can’t get to class or when there isn’t a class available. I’ll let you all know how it is!

3. Run two miles without stopping.

This goal may have been a little ambitious. So far, I’ve managed to repeat the amazing (to me) feat of running a mile without stopping – and I’ve worked up to about 1.2 miles but I seriously feel like I’m going to die by the end of it. I still have half a month left, so I’m going to give it a good try – but I’m not feeling too optimistic at this point. On a more positive note, I did run my first official 5k and that went very well (with another 5k on the docket for this weekend). I signed up for an actual timed 5k in July (countdown in the side bar) which I’m very excited for and I think that running my first real race, and finishing strong is going to be more important than how far I can run without walking.

So that’s where I’m at with my June goals. How are your goals going? Can you believe the month of June is already halfway done?


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