Color Me Rad Race Recap

On Sunday I ran the Color Me Rad 5k in Alexandria. No, this isn’t déjà vu. I ran a color run, called Run or Dye, last weekend also. It just so happened the races ended up on back to back weekends so we rolled with it.


There were several things I liked better about the Color Me Rad race versus the Run or Dye race. First, you signed up for specific wave times when you registered so there wasn’t the whole “wait in line for 45 minutes” business to deal with. Also, the dye was much brighter and made more of an impact. Please note that at first I thought this was a positive but a few rounds of scrubbing to get dye off of my skin later I wasn’t so sure.


This race was held in Alexandria, not downtown DC, so it took notably less time to travel to the race. Heather picked me up just before 8 and we were at the race site shortly after, ready to party and wait for our 9:15 start wave.

I really liked the styling of the Color Me Rad race. It was very 90’s. Hence we bought a lot of swag.


The race itself was a road race down Eisenhower Avenue. They had actually blocked off a section of road. I guess that sucks for the people trying to travel on Eisenhower at 9 on a Sunday morning, but it was nice for us because we were running along an actual road that people could sit along and spectate. This was my first real experience with spectators and what a rush it was! I experienced the same runners high that causes me to high-five strangers that I felt during Run or Dye.


The very start (and end of the race – as it looped back down the same course) was a hill as we went over a bridge. I think it was a nice challenge at the beginning and end of the race as the rest of the course was very flat. Heather and I jogged a good portion of the race, with the occasional walk, and ending up around 38 minutes. Not bad considering we had to walk a few times to cough and clear our lungs of forcefully inhaled cornstarch dye. Also, my Map My Run app calculated the route to be 2.94 miles instead of 3.1 so either my app or the course was a little off. I need to invest in a Garmin since Map My Run insists on posting my route to Facebook against my will.

My “R” rubbed off from sweat. Awkward!

Overall, I really enjoyed the run. And knowing that I could run faster than I did means that I’m super excited for my “real” 5k in July where it’s timed and I’m going to run my absolute best to see how well I can do. My hope is that I can run it in 37:20 which would be a flat 12:00 mile but I secretly know I can do better than that. Here’s hoping!

After the race was over we took some pictures and hung out and listened to music. The music choices at Run or Dye were better. I think the Color Me Rad people were in league with Zumba. But they had free Lara Bars so I was a happy girl.

Another genius idea the Color Me Rad people had was to have a trash collection at the end of the event. Personally, I hate seeing trash on the ground and I’m always picking it up anyway, so this was a fun time for me. The MC gave away some big black trash bags and depending on how much trash you picked up, you could exchange it for swag. Heather and I got very serious about this, as in so serious I didn’t think to take a picture of our bag that was so full it required two people to carry. But we got two free t-shirts in exchange so we were happy people!


I also noticed around this time that there were big decorative First Aid flags with absolutely no first aid station in sight. Seriously, what if I needed aid?


But overall I have to say that I really enjoyed this race. And it has helped introduce a person who never thought they would be athletic to the world of running.


Important note that I forgot last time: Heather, who makes frequent appearances on this blog (such as the trip to Florida and the Run or Dye race) has a blog of her own. It’s called One Reader’s Wonderland and she writes some amazing book reviews. Because she reads a lot, like a lot a lot. And I bet she has some book recommendations for you! Please check out her blog.


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