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One of my goals for June was to make yoga a priority in my weekly workouts. One of my plans to achieve this was to buy a yoga program on DVD so that I could practice on days when there wasn’t a class offered at a convenient time, or when the class conflicted with other plans. I’ve found this particularly helpful because most of the yoga classes throughout the week are offered in the 6 pm to 7 pm timeframe, but I get off of work around 3:30 so I can go home and work out with a yoga DVD and be done and free for other plans by 5 or so.

After reading through some reviews on Amazon, I decided on a Yoga for Runners: Intermediate Program DVD by Christine Felstead. I’ve got a good basic knowledge of yoga, so I wanted to find a program that would be challenging – and I also know that you can always use modifications to decrease the difficulty of a particular asana. The Intermediate program seemed like the right pick for me!

I tried the DVD for the first time last week and I loved the convenience of being able to do yoga at home. Although, my cats are very anti-working out at home. Most cats like to head off and do their own thing – but no, I managed to adopt the only two cats that need to be near people and involved in whatever I’m doing at all times. In fact, during plank pose my cat Grace decided that I looked a lot like a surfboard or table or other object that she wanted to climb on and she jumped up onto my back and laid down. Plank with an extra 5 pounds, anyone? I stuck it out – but I’m lucky she doesn’t weigh any more than that!

Overall I found the DVD to be very challenging. Being a DVD for runners, it includes a lot of hip openers (which I absolutely love) and the disc included two of my all time favorite poses – pigeon and “ankle to knee” balance. It also introduced me to some new stretches that I really loved. Also, being a DVD for runners there were a lot of lunges. Lunges are the bane of my existence. I am not good at lunges in any way shape or form. But I guess that means that they are something I should work on, and as much as I hate it I know that they are great for strengthening and stretching my legs. On this particular DVD, the lunges portion is immediately followed by pigeon pose so at least I know my favorite pose awaits after I struggle my way through lunges! 🙂

I don’t have a lot to compare it to, as this is my first yoga DVD but I would definitely recommend this DVD to anyone looking for an at-home option. And for all you yogis out there, here’s a video I found very entertaining (please note there is some instances of inappropriate language in the video below).


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