June Recap & Giveaway Reminder

Happy July everyone! And “rabbit rabbit”!

It’s funny the things that stick in your head. I vaguely remember hearing on Nickelodeon as a child that it was good luck to say “rabbit rabbit” on the first of a new month, and it’s always stuck with me. I find myself whispering “rabbit rabbit” to myself on the first of most months – after all, what can it hurt? 🙂

The month of June went by so fast. The summer months always seem to go by fast to me despite the longer days. I think it’s because summer is always so jam-packed with concerts, movies and vacations.

So how did I do with my June goals? Well my first goal was to eat more non-fruit snacks and I think I at least made a conscious effort to include more vegetables, nuts and seeds into my diet. It also helped that I found that I’m only eating a morning snack at work, and then having a second snack not in the afternoon – but later on, after my workout. Most of my favorite post-workout snacks don’t include fruit (sometimes a banana) so that has definitely helped.

My second goal was to make yoga a priority and between classes at my gym and my new yoga DVD I have been very successful.

Finally, I set myself the lofty goal of running 2 whole miles without stopping. I think this may have been a little ambitious as I did not achieve this goal. However, on my run this past Friday, which was ”powered by bits”, I ran two miles while only stopping for two 1/10th mile breaks. I’m definitely getting closer! Maybe it was those protein-packed ENERGYbits that helped me out! Speaking of, the giveaway I’m hosting for a free sample of ENERGYbits is still open through midnight tonight, so click here to read my review and enter to win!


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