Bean Nachos, Summer Colds, and Random Things

Yesterday, I had every intention of going for a run until I walked into my apartment after work and then never left again (taking out the trash doesn’t count). I have worked out for the past 4 days so I guess a rest day wasn’t completely unwarranted, even if it was unplanned.

Instead, I used my homemade “refried” beans to make a slightly-too-large plate of nachos.


I also watched another handful of Orange is the New Black episodes. I’m loving this show and I’m going to be sad when I run out of episodes.

I haven’t been feeling quite-right for the past few days, and as this Thursday morning wears on I’m starting to suspect that I’m coming down with a cold. Who comes down with a cold in the middle of summer? It just feels weird.

To make up for the lack of exciting recipes to post (I don’t think adding beans, cheese and an entire avocado to chips counts – see above), I want to highlight a few of my favorite recipes that you may have missed.

Raw Tomato Bruschetta

Raw Tomato Bruschetta
My all-time favorite way to eat tomatoes – this dish just feels like summer to me. So easy and delicious!

”Hamburger-Helper”-style Beef Stroganoff

30 Minute Beef Stroganoff
This dish comes together in just 30 minutes, and is surprisingly light. Although stroganoff is usually something I would think of as a heavy, winter dish – the addition of lemon and thyme makes this dish summer appropriate.

Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken with Tabbouleh Salad
This recipe is so easy – only chicken, yogurt, curry powder and lemon juice – and has such a unique, delicious flavor. Pile this up on some Naan bread with hummus and you’ve got yourself a quick and easy dinner.

Some other things that may be of interest…

Emmy nominations were announced today! Check out the nominations and let me know what you think? Did your favorite show make the cut? I’m a TV and movie award-show fanatic, one of those weirdos that make predictions about the nominations, then the winners, etc so I’m always excited when new nominations are announced! Let the predictions begin! I was particularly excited to see Lena Dunham, Vera Farmiga, Amy Poehler, and Emilia Clarke recognized for their work on Girls, Bates Motel, Parks and Recreation and Game of Thrones (respectively). Is anyone else an awards-show fan?

Women’s Health put up a great article about the habit that makes you eat more. I know I’m guilty of this one! 🙂 I’ve said it before, but I’m a big fan of the Women’s Health daily newsletter.


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