Half Marathon Training Plan

Last night I went to cycling class again – albeit with a new instructor. I wasn’t as big a fan of this instructor’s style, although her microphone was out so I’ll cut her a little slack for that. She put off a really negative energy during the class – making comments about how her music wasn’t loud enough, she was tired of yelling, she couldn’t read her notes, etc. etc. But I guess there’s a different instructor for everyone! 🙂 I’m very grateful that I’ve found instructors in Cycling, Yoga, and Body Pump that I do love and look forward to seeing every week.

After class I made myself a burrito with my homemade refried beans, my lentil taco filling that I had defrosted, cheese, a scoop of Greek yogurt and half an avocado. Yum!


It wasn’t the prettiest – but it was tasty and exactly what I needed after a hard workout. I’m always starving immediately after I work out – are you?

In other news, I officially finished putting together my half marathon training plan. It’s a rather long plan – 25 weeks. I did that because I also have a 10k that I’m running in November, so that plan starts in September – works up to the November race and then works up again to the Half in February. I loosely based the plan on the beginners 23 week plan by Run Disney. I also Googled beginner half marathon plans and incorporated some of the aspects from those. Basically, I knew I wanted to stick to only three days of running to make room for one day of yoga, one day of Body Pump, and one cross-training day (cycling, swimming, etc). Unfortunately, no matter how hard I tried to make it work, I can’t keep up my twice-a-week Body Pump classes during training. There just aren’t enough days in a week! However, I did decide that Body Pump “sort of” counts as cardio because my heart rate definitely gets up there – so every four weeks or so I’m letting myself use a second Body Pump class as my non-running cardio for the week.

Here’s my training plan, if you’re interested. Please note that I am not certified to make training plans, or even remotely a professional when it comes to fitness. This is just what I put together for myself based on other plans I reviewed. Following this training plan is not guaranteed to help you (or me! Eek!) accomplish anything.


Phew! That was a lot of detail! Hopefully you found it interesting. 🙂 It’s going to be a long training season but at the end of it I’m going to be able to cross off one of my bucket list items – finishing a half marathon!

Questions of the Day:
Do you find that you get attached to a certain instructor in fitness classes?
Are you training for any races? Did you make up your own training plan or use a pre-made one?


15 responses to “Half Marathon Training Plan

  1. I struggle to fit my other exercise interests (Zumba, PiYo) into my half marathon training as well. I normally make it work by running on the days I have those classes because I like to have rest days between running days and also don’t want to run more than 3-4 times a week. My half marathon training starts August 5th; gotta finalize my plan soon.

    • I definitely have the same struggles! I may start doubling up by doing an easy run on the same day as yoga or something like that. Great idea 🙂 And good luck with your training plan. When’s your race?

      • October 27th–the Rock n Roll half in St. Louis. I always do three month plans based on Hal Higdon’s plans.

      • I’m sure once I’ve built up my mileage a little bit I can change to a shorter plan. Good luck with your training and race! I hear the Rock n Roll races are a blast! 🙂

  2. Yikes.. looks like you have a busy half a year coming up!!
    I’m loosely training for a half in October.. I know there are a zillion and one conflicting views on how to properly train, but I used little no no training when I ran my first 10k (third 10k, but first I ran the whole time).. so we shall see how it goes!

    As far as being hungry after I workout.. always. I usually down a protein shake right after I workout so they carries me until I get home for real food. 😉

    • It is going to be a busy half a year! I sort of wish the training season wasn’t so long – but with the way I built the schedule there are some low-mileage weeks in there so it won’t feel like quite as much. I’m glad I’m not the only one who just dives in with planning their own training! 🙂 There are definitely so many different views that I figure it can’t hurt to go with what feels right for me.

      That’s such a smart idea! I’ve been meaning to start packing protein shake with me so I have something to hold me over! Do you make your own or buy them? I’ve been trying to find a convenient way to have them on hand 🙂

      • We have a fridge at my gym so I’ll fill my blender cup with almond milk and take a small container with protein powder.. then post workout just add the powder and go! Could probably use a small lunchbox or cooler if no fridge.. but that may end up being a pain lol.

        And my training plan involves running as little as possible.. haha. The goal is some sort of interval training twice a week with a long run on Saturdays. And 4 days of Crossfit in there.. and 2 days of rest somewhere..lol.

      • That’s a good idea! I haven’t invested in a blender bottle yet but I’ve been seeing them everywhere so I might have to 🙂

        I agree with you on the running as little as possible part! haha. Ironic considering we’re training to run! I keep it to three days a week so that I can fit in cycling/yoga/strength training. That’s awesome that you do Crossfit! I’ve been considering trying it out. I hear it’s amazing – and really great for improving your running!

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  7. I just made an impulse decision and signed up for my second half marathon but never use a training program…until now! Your post has inspired me to try one out!!

    • Thank you so much! 🙂 I think a training program is important, at least for the long runs, to make sure you’re getting enough miles in. Plus I like checking things off as I complete them! 🙂

      My half marathon was an impulse decision and I’m thinking about making an impulsive decision to sign up for my second! Scary thought, but it’s just so addicting! 🙂

  8. Hi there! I just found your training plan through Google. I’m not new to running but I’m new to running anything longer than a 5k, and I’m going to run a 10k and a Half later this year! I’m wondering if this training plan worked well for you, and if you would recommend it to others? I imagine mine would look very similar, only trading the yoga days for swimming or biking. Mostly I’m wondering if you feel this adequately prepared you for the 10k and the half?

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