Happy August 1st!

August is here! I can’t believe the summer is almost at an end. Even though it will be hot and humid around here through September (and with our unpredictable weather, possibly later than that), I still think of the start of September as the end of summer. I guess it’s still the “school year” calendar at work even all these years after I’ve left school. The summer went by so quickly! I think it’s because of all the races, concerts, trips, and other fun that jam-packed my schedule. Luckily, the month of August is a little calmer so I’m going to try to take some time to relax and enjoy what is left of the warm weather and long days.

I’m also sad to change the month on my calendar. This month’s picture is pretty legit.


The month of August is also the last month before I officially start 10k/half marathon training. I’m going to keep my running to a minimum during this month, as I don’t want to burn myself out before I even start. I’m going to take this opportunity to enjoy going to Body Pump twice a week, as come September I’m going to have to give up one day (so sad!). I’m really nervous about starting training because I haven’t been feeling as “into” running lately. But running a half marathon is a goal that I’ve coveted for while – so I feel like it’s worth it to bite the bullet and spend some serious time training in order to do it right.


Waiting at the end of August is also Labor Day weekend – and my mom is coming up to visit me! 🙂 I’m super excited about this. I have been down to Chesapeake to visit my family several times over the summer, but my mom hasn’t been up to visit since sometime last year (or maybe early this year – I don’t remember exactly when, but it’s been too long!) This means we can visit all the restaurants we’ve been talking about, and finally take a trip to the National Zoo like we’ve been talking about since I moved to DC over four years ago. My mom and I are really close and I can’t wait to see her!


I’m also going to take the month of August to get my budget back on track. I notoriously spend too much money at the grocery store, which is why I always have way too much food in my house. To finally get my grocery budget out of the whole, and to lessen the sheer amount of food in my cabinets and fridge – I’m going to use the month of August to focus on eating what I already have on hand instead of buying more stuff at the store. I’m going to let myself buy the perishable necessities (i.e. milk, eggs, fresh greens for my daily smoothie) but I’m going to really cut back on everything else. Hopefully this will lead to some kitchen-creativity – which means new recipes for you! 🙂


Seriously, I’m going to deplete these “stocking up for the apocalypse” stores

What do you have planned for the month of August? Any races/vacations/big events coming up? Any new goals you’re setting for yourself this month?


4 responses to “Happy August 1st!

  1. Happy August to you! It’s always tough to see another month go, but I had a great conversation last night that made me think August may be a good opportunity to start something new. (ps, did you take the 6:10 yoga class before my pilates class last night? I thought I saw you!)

    • I did! 🙂 I saw you too but it was sort of in the “in and out of the classroom” rush – or I would have said ‘hi’! I definitely want to try your Pilates class at some point because my core strength is pretty shamefully bad. :-/

      I’m glad August is looking more positive to you 🙂 A start to a new month is always a great way to start fresh and take a new perspective on things. I’m hoping the month of August will do the same for me! 🙂

      See you around the gym!

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