Preparations for the Week

And it’s Monday morning…is anyone else still reeling from last night’s Breaking Bad? These last 8 episodes are going to be one tense ride…although I was disappointed that nothing qualified for Blood, Sweat and Cheers’ Breaking Bad Workout Game. I was totally read to rock out some push-ups but Jesse spent the episode in a deep depression (and another heart-wrenching performance by Aaron Paul that’s sure to earn him another Emmy).

This weekend started off with a company trip to the Nationals game on Friday night which ended up in a late night, and a completely unproductive Saturday. At least my favorite Body Pump instructor was out of town so I wasn’t quite as heartbroken about missing class but I’m definitely eager to get back on track this week! Yesterday I had another awesome yoga class where I nailed ‘Bird of Paradise’ (albeit with a bent leg) for the second time and I couldn’t be happier about it. ‘Bird of Paradise’ and ‘Crow’ are two of my fitness bucket list items (speaking of – I’m totally think of making that a legit list and posting it, thoughts?).

Sunday night I went ahead and cooked myself a guilty pleasure – cheesesteaks. My grocery store’s bakery bakes some awesome hoagie rolls that I just couldn’t pass up. I sautéed some shaved beef with a little garlic and onion, Worcestershire sauce, and salt and pepper and topped it off with melted cheese. Simple, but delicious.


And yes, I totally broke my rules about trying to eat the food I already have on hand. But I am making great progress so I went ahead and treated myself!


This week’s workouts:

Monday: Cycling
Tuesday: Body Pump! So glad to be back on the weights!
Wednesday: Yoga
Thursday: Cycling
Friday: Rest Day
Saturday: Body Pump
Sunday: Rest Day – a.k.a. Heather and I will be at the BSB concert!

And some healthy articles to start your week:

The 15 Minute Arm Workout (Women’s Health)

16 Detoxifying Foods(Women’s Health)


2 responses to “Preparations for the Week

  1. That cheese steak looks delicious! Mmmm… I think I’m inspired… also I keep meaning to give Breaking Bad a chance!

    • Thanks! They were so yummy! 🙂 Some days you just need a good cheesesteak

      And definitely give Breaking Bad a chance! All the episodes are available on Netflix. It’s not a lighthearted show by any means, but undoubtedly one of the best on television!

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