Friday Five Things I’m Loving Lately

Happy Friday everyone! I’ve been post-less the past two days, mostly because there hasn’t been anything new to say. I think I may move to posting three times a week, rather than everyday. I’m not about posting just for the sake of it – I want to post when I really have something great to share with you all. My cooking hasn’t been particularly exciting (or at least not anything new) this week, as I continue my mission to eat some of my ridiculous food stores. This week I’ve been eating some delicious burritos using my Mexican rice recipe as well as some defrosted homemade refried beans. Topped with some avocado, they have been filling and absolutely delicious!

Instead of focusing on recipes, I decided to share some things I’ve been loving lately! I’ve seen this theme on some other blogs, as well as blogs that do a “Friday Five” so I thought I’d incorporate both of those ideas here.

1. My new workout gear from Target’s Champion line.


I recently ordered a ton of new stuff from Target because I felt like I was always doing laundry, plus my workout wardrobe had some serious holes in it (like a distinct lack of shorts). My new stuff is pictured above, but I’ve always been a big Target workout-gear fan. I have two pairs of running shorts with attached compression shorts from there that I think I’ve worn in every race I’ve run so far (you can see them in my recaps here). The line is filled with good-quality workout clothes (as far as I can tell), at a great price. As much as I love (and lust after) some of the Under Armor and Rebook gear, I just can’t swallow the prices. As I clicked over to Target to grab the links for some of my favorite items, I found out that they also just released a new ‘C9 Yoga’ line – which means I’m going to be all over picking up some new gear.

Some of my favorites that I already own:

Women’s Premium Run Shot – just based on the picture I wasn’t expecting much of these but they are seriously my favorite shorts now, I almost just bought another pair while I was grabbing the link.
Women’s Cardio Tank – my favorite tank. Great fit and great compression. Goes well with the shorts above.
Women’s Performance Short Tight – love the length of these shorts, they aren’t super-short and are great for yoga.

2. My blender bottle.

Blender Bottles

I finally stopped by GNC and picked up a blender bottle and some protein powder. I’ve been absolutely starving after my workouts, and I needed a quick and easy way to get some protein in my system (especially after Body Pump). I love that this bottle has the built-in whisk-ball to mix up my drink. I was also really thankful for this bottle because I left my regular water bottle in Heather’s car on Sunday so I’ve been using this one (sans whisking-ball) to drink water during my workouts all week.

3. The new Backstreet’s Boys CD.


As I mentioned on Monday, I am absolutely in love with the new BSB CD. I love that the group has been able to grow and mature together over the years, and still make great music. At the concert, the boys mentioned that this year is 20 years since they formed the group which 1) makes me feel old and 2) is amazing for them! The CD is definitely worth a look if you’re into that kind of music.

4. The final episodes of Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad

I’ve mentioned it before, but I absolutely love Breaking Bad. So far, these last eight episodes have been the tense, dark, ride that I expected them to be as everyone affected by Walt’s actions over the past 4 seasons falls apart. I can’t wait to see how it ends! I have my theories, if anyone is interested in talking about the show feel free to tweet me or leave a comment on this post. I’m sad to see such an amazingly-written, amazingly-acted show leave the air, but all the actors have said they are really satisfied with the ending.

5. My “Simplify My Life” House-Cleaning Mission.

I’ve mentioned it in passing, but I’m thinking of writing a more detailed post on it. I’m currently going through my apartment one section at a time and donating/reorganizing/trashing a lot of things. I just feel a little buried in material possessions. There’s no reason for a single girl my age to have a two bedroom apartment, that is legitimately packed with things. There are so many extra things that just sit in closets and aren’t adding anything to my life. For example, my project this week has been to go through my CDs and make sure they are all burned into iTunes, and then donate the actual CDs. I’m also going to get rid of my stereo, which I’m pretty sure I haven’t turned on it two years. Instead of going through the trouble of selling it, I may just donate it to the Salvation Army along with everything else. I mean, do people actual buy stereos anymore?

I also went through my absolutely too large stash of makeup, hair products, and hair supplies. Considering the only makeup I wear on a daily basis is a little brown eyeshadow and mascara, there was no need to keep my store of neon eyeshadows and random lipsticks that I’ve had since college and have never really used. I threw out a bunch of stuff, and set aside some never-used things to see if my sister wants them. I had a rather large stash of scented lotions/sprays/etc that were gifts that I don’t use since I don’t like scented products – and my sister will definitely like them.

I’m going to continue my journey into my closet to get rid of clothes/shoes/etc next week – I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, I hope everyone has a great weekend! And here is an article I found interesting and wanted to share:

8 Vegan Rules Even Meat-Eaters Should Follow (Fitbie)


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