Winter Fitness Hibernation

Is it just me or does winter weather make you want to hide inside under the covers and not go anywhere until spring?

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I know some people are winter people, so even though I may not understand you I have to accept that some people actually like the cold weather. But I seriously can’t handle it. I’m more of a baby about it than most people, as the minute the temperature drops below 60 I’m complaining pretty much constantly. I could be bundled up in a coat, gloves, warm socks (double-layered), boots and a scarf and I’m still cold when I go outside. I don’t like it – and therefore I stay inside until it goes away.

Yep, pretty much my winter
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A bad side effect of the cold (and the fact that it starts getting dark at like 4 in the afternoon) is that my motivation to get to the gym is waning. Fortunately, my undying love for Les Mills Body Pump (and my badass instructor) gets me out of the house twice a week but the other days I’m seriously struggling. Does this happen to anyone else? What do you do to stay active in the winter months?

My plan (so far) is to find some ways to keep active without leaving my apartment. I’m usually pretty terrible at working out at home, because it just feels awkward to me. The weird stares my cats give me when I’m doing burpees don’t help at all. But I’ve downloaded a few fitness apps that came highly recommended (Sworkit Pro, Blogilates, Popsugar ACTIVE, and the Nike Training Club – all free except for Sworkit) and I’m still working on my Hundred Pushups challenge (another app). I’ve tried out the Sworkit Pro app so far and I’m really liking it – and don’t worry, I’m planning on sharing a full review once I use all the apps! πŸ™‚

In addition, I borrowed the ’30 Day Shred’ DVD by Jillian Michaels from a friend of mine. I’ve heard great things about this DVD so I’m hoping it’ll keep me motivated (at least for a month) to work out at home, on those days when I just can’t pry myself out of the comfort of my house. Also, the next round of GRIT training starts in January and I am definitely signing up this time! I really enjoyed the demo of GRIT that I tried out a few weeks ago and I wanted to sign up for the last round but finances and a busy work schedule just wouldn’t allow it. I’m super excited for it to start up again in January, and I think this program will be just what I need to stay active this winter and to help get my fitness to the next level!

Question of the Day Season:
So seriously, what do you do to stay motivated and fit during the winter months?


20 responses to “Winter Fitness Hibernation

  1. That chart describes me perfectly and all I want to do is get under the covers and eat some bagels. I created a challenge to try and combat this but it’s still such a struggle

  2. I like to work out at home – treadmill, elliptical and lots of DVDs keep me happy!!

  3. No one hates the cold as much as I hate the cold. πŸ™‚
    I think because I started this every-day workout challenge in the winter (Jan 1st) I had to deal with venturing out to the gym right from the beginning. That said, unless I’m doing a specific class, I will favour at home workouts several says a week (especially on the cold and rainy days). πŸ™‚
    I do Body Shred – it’s short but it is potent! I usually combine that with an hour on my elliptical at home.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one! πŸ™‚ I think it definitely helps that you started in the winter. I started in March so I’ve been spoiled with nice weather on my journey so far πŸ™‚ I think DVDs are going to help get me through it! πŸ™‚

  4. Just found your blog from the SITS feature, CONGRATS! And I love your blog! πŸ™‚

    -Elise @

  5. I am definitely less motivated in the winter. I have an elliptical but don’t use it often enough. Most of the time I run, but I have been kind of lax about it over the cold weather months. This winter though I am promising myself that I need to run more! Working out with friends is what keeps me going.

  6. The sesame chicken looks delicious! I’m definitely going to have to try that one. Found you through SITS, happy SITS day!

  7. Honestly, I do a lot of outdoor and indoor fitness that’s not going to the gym so I’m not AS bothered by winter except when it starts getting dark REALLY REALLY early and then I’m just plain tired.

    Happy SITS Day!

  8. Just found your blog from SITS. I totally have that too. I’m struggling with leaving the house in the cold. If it’s below 78, I’m miserable & I live in New England. I get lots of sore throats when it gets cold & more aches & pains too. I hate it getting dark earlier too.

  9. The first month of winter is always the worst. I turn into a complete bum. Sometimes I just ride it out and let myself be as lazy as humanly possible until I can’t stand myself anymore. The super early sunsets and the freezing mornings are definitely a buzz kill though. Best wishes. And I too like the Nike Training club ap, but I think it gets old after awhile.

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