Featured Foxy Foodie: Ashley!

Today I’m super excited to feature my next Featured Foxy Foodie! If you missed it, I announced this series of posts earlier this month, so check it out and email me if you’d like to sign up! 🙂

Today’s Featured Foxy Foodie is Ashley from Ashley Josephine Yoga! I’m so excited to feature a yoga blogger – and someone who describes herself as a “yoga foodie” – because I absolutely love yoga and could always use a little more of it in my life! Also, it isn’t a subject that gets as much attention as it should on this blog, so I’m thrilled to share it with all of you! 🙂

Ashley put it a great way when she said “Food is a unifying experience – we gather around a kitchen table, we go out to eat, we have entire holidays revolve around consumption of food. It’s amazing to me how food can bring people together.”

I couldn’t agree more! ❤




Name: Ashley Josephine Herzberger
Blog: Ashley Josephine Yoga
Twitter: @AshleyJoYoga
Facebook: AshleyJoYoga on Facebook!
Pinterest: AshleyJoYoga on Pinterest
Location: Currently in Tucson, AZ
Age: 25

What kind of “foodie” are you (i.e. Paleo, Vegetarian, Flexetarian, or do you just love all food? :-)) and why?:

I’m a yoga foodie because I have found my preference in food be so drastically influenced by my yoga practice. My mindset around health, wellness and food has been transformed through what I’ve learned about myself in yoga. Awareness and listening are the true keys to unlocking the foodie within!

If you had to eat one food every day for the rest of your life, what food would it be?:

That’s hard because I get bored with things easily, but I’ve always said my favorite food is blueberries.

Are there any foods you don’t like or refuse to try?:

Organ foods aren’t on the top of my list of things I want to eat and I have a particularly hard time with slimy textures.

When/where did you learn how to cook?:

Well, I’m still learning, but honestly, signing up for a box of organic vegetables to be delivered to your house each week really forces you out of your comfort zone!

ashley FFF post

What is your favorite thing to cook?:

Roasted root veggies in the winter, sweet potato fries with rosemary all year long, cupcakes if I’m baking and smoothies in the Vitamix are a daily fave.

What is the best (or most memorable) meal you’ve ever had?:

I don’t remember the food as much as I remember the company, but I had a really fantastic meal recently at a Marriott Hotel restaurant in Tucson, AZ called Primo – they grow a lot of their food in a garden on the hotel property and their flavors are super fresh. Their homemade ice cream was one of the best I’ve ever had.

Have you found any new recipes lately that you’re dying to try?:

I don’t normally stockpile recipes. I find what I want when I need it and then make it. But I’ve really been looking for a good pie to make with a graham cracker crust – I’ve got one to use up in my pantry.

Do you have any embarrassing kitchen stories or recipe disasters to share?:

The one I get made fun of most for is when I ruined Easy Mac. I couldn’t tell where the line was in the plastic cup so I put way too much water in and then it didn’t turn out. That may have been my cue to cut out the processed foods.

What is your best tip(s) for eating healthy?:

Eat fresh, local foods whenever possible and shift your mindset from one of food as pleasure to food as fuel to enable your body to do the incredible things you want to do and to take the adventures you want to take. Suddenly (and ironically), you’ll find food will taste much better and become a much more pleasurable experience when you’re not longer feeding the mind and your feeding your soul instead.


Interested in being a Featured Foxy Foodie? Email me at foxywholefoodie@gmail.com for details! 🙂


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  1. Thanks for sharing! Such a great idea 🙂

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