Featured Foxy Foodie: Sarah!

Today I’m super excited to feature my next Featured Foxy Foodie! If you missed it, I announced this series of posts earlier this month, so check it out and email me if you’d like to sign up! 🙂

Today’s Featured Foxy Foodie is Sarah from The Fit Cookie and Fit Betty. On The Fit Cookie Sarah shares awesome recipes – and seeing as she has to work around dietary restrictions and allergies there is something for everyone! Then, on Fit Betty Sarah shares great workout tips, gear, giveaways and more! I’m seriously in love with both sites, and especially love the blog design (is that a weird thing to fall in love with? Because I have!)



sarah post pic - main image

Name: Sarah Jane Parker
Blog: The Fit Cookie and Fit Betty
Twitter: @Fit_Betty and @TheFitCookie
Facebook: Fit Betty Facebook Page and The Fit Cookie Facebook Page
Pinterest: The Fit Cookie Pinterest Boards
Instagram: The Fit Cookie on Instagram
Tumblr: Tumblr Fit Cookie
Location: Wyoming
Age: 29

What kind of “foodie” are you (i.e. Paleo, Vegetarian, Flexetarian, or do you just love all food? :-)) and why?:

I am an allergy-friendly foodie. I have a dairy and soy allergy and several other food intolerances, and my 2 kids have peanut and tree nut allergies (along with dairy and eggs), so we eat what works for us! Lately I have been eating less grain, but I’m not quite Paleo.

sarah post pic - kids

If you had to eat one food every day for the rest of your life, what food would it be?:


Are there any foods you don’t like or refuse to try?:

There aren’t any foods that I don’t like or won’t eat based on taste, but I can’t eat foods for health reasons (dairy, eggs, soy, gluten,

When/where did you learn how to cook?:

I learned to cook at home with my mom and sisters when I was growing up, but I didn’t really start cooking in earnest until I got married and had to cook (my husband doesn’t cook much!).

Sarah post pic - family

What is your favorite thing to cook?:

I love to bake cookies 🙂

What is the best (or most memorable) meal you’ve ever had?:

I cooked shark once – it is memorable in a bad way since I didn’t prepare it correctly and it was horrible!

Have you found any new recipes lately that you’re dying to try?:

Crepe cakes. Making them takes so much time and it’s hard to make good crepes without eggs!

Do you have any embarrassing kitchen stories or recipe disasters to share?:

Aside from the bad shark recipe, there are so many kitchen flops it’s hard to pinpoint just one! I experiment in the kitchen a lot so there are plenty of failures, the latest ones being candies and caramels.

What is your best tip(s) for eating healthy?:

The things I tell my kids: eat the healthy food first and make sure you eat fruits and veggies at each meal. If you are full, you don’t need to clean your plate. 🙂

sarah post pic - plank


Interested in being a Featured Foxy Foodie? Email me at foxywholefoodie@gmail.com for details! 🙂


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