It’s Finally (Maybe!) Spring

I was so grateful that we had beautiful weather in Virginia last weekend. Maybe Spring is finally around the corner! Although as I type this the weather forecast has another bought of snow headed our way tonight. It’s the never-ending winter! At least for one weekend I got to enjoy the Spring weather, and I was even more fortunate that I got to do it during a three-day weekend at home with my family.

Early Friday morning I drove home and my mom took the day off of work for us to spend together. We started off at the Mermaid Winery in Norfolk. Mermaid Winery is really cool because it’s an “urban winery” meaning it produces its own wines, but sources them from other “traditional” farm wineries. Our tasting was presented in a really cool spiral that held all five wine glasses.


While we tasted, we enjoyed a wonderful light lunch of bread, meat, cheese, fruit, olives and hummus as well as a pesto and tomato flatbread. It was a delicious light lunch that really hit the spot.


Next, we headed to the Norfolk Zoo to walk around and enjoy the sunshine. After saying 'hello' to all the animals, we stopped by the Farm Market to pick up some locally baked cookies and to go to a new Kombucha bar – Kombuchick. My mom knows I love kombucha so she picked up a Living Social deal for this bar when she heard it opened. It's such a neat concept. The bar brews its own kombucha and uses it to make mocktails. I think it's a great way to ease non-Kombucha drinkers into the taste of kombucha, which can be an acquired one. We enjoyed cocktails mixed with ginger, mint and soda water and I had one with ginger and beet. They were all delicious! I also bought a case of kombucha to bring home with me because it was so much cheaper than GTs and I love supporting a new local business! πŸ™‚

On Saturday my dad and sister joined my mom and I as we "brewery" hopped around the Hampton Roads area. First we stopped by O'Connor's Brewery in Norfolk where the tasting was served in such a cute carrier!


While at the brewery we ate lunch at a BBQ food truck (which may end up catering my dad's upcoming birthday party!) and it was a great way to stay outside and enjoy the sun, and our beer, while we ate lunch. After that, we went to Young Veteran's Brewery in Virginia Beach, which also had a cute carrier for its beer tasting but I forgot to take a picture. Also, our neighbors (who own a stone oven pizza business – that's sort of like a food truck) were setting up their business to serve pizzas in the parking lot of the brewery. It was so great to experience so many great local businesses in Hampton Roads all in one day! πŸ™‚ I truly love (and miss) my hometown!

On the way home we stopped by two local farms for fresh ice cream, honey, eggs, and apple butter (staples my mom and I needed to pick up between the two of us). I also got a chance to stop in a see the animals, including petting a donkey, some bunnies and a goat. I also fed the goat, who promptly head-butted me in the shin. I'm not sure if it was a "thank you" for the food or just the goat being a jerk, but I enjoyed it either way! πŸ™‚

I hope everyone else had a great weekend in the (hopefully) good weather! πŸ™‚


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