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Sorry for being MIA for a few days! I actually hate saying that, it makes it sound like I assume people notice that I dropped off the grid for a few days 🙂 I was on travel for work last week and then immediately turned around and flew to Florida to visit a friend and as much as I tried to keep up with blogging (not to mention working out, and eating right) I failed miserably. So I was definitely in need of some healthy motivation!

Luckily, a newsletter from Women’s Health Magazine saved the day! If you haven’t subscribed to their newsletter, you may want to check it out as it offers everything from healthy eating tips, fitness tips and tricks, motivational sayings, and lots of other informative articles. It’s one of my favorite newsletters. This particular article was full of motivation fitness quotes. And you know how I love motivational sayings! The quote below is the one that is really speaking to me right now, on a fitness and emotional level. But there are lots more in the article so you can find one that speaks to you too!



Run or Dye 2013 Race Recap

This weekend I ran my very first official 5k.


It was the ‘Run or Dye’ 5k held in DC at RFK Stadium which is one of what seems like hundreds of “color runs” being held these days. For the uninitiated, the idea is that at various checkpoints throughout the course (a.k.a. dye zones) there are volunteers that pelt you with dye (the dye being a chalky, cornstarch-based powder). The race is not timed, and there were plenty of people who walked the course, I even saw families with young children in strollers. I wore a black pair of New Balance running shoes with a standard pair of running shorts and the white race t-shirt (for maximum color display-ability). I also tied my car key up in my laces like a running professional.

Yeah, that’s how I roll

What I liked about the idea, other than the obvious fun-factor of being covered in color, is that it was a laid-back way to try out racing and see if it was something that I would enjoy. This Saturday’s race was the “make or break” for whether I signed up for more races. I was scared that I wasn’t going to like the atmosphere, or wouldn’t be as fast as anyone else, etc, etc. I needed an easy atmosphere to face these fears and see what would happen.


But I am happy to report that I loved it. Like, really loved it. The atmosphere was so positive and uplifting. At one point, the race switch backed on itself so you could high-five people running the other direction and I took full advantage. At one point I proclaimed to my fellow-runner and friend, Heather that “running must make me like people!” And all this time I thought it was alcohol that did that!

Hurricane Andrea tried to rain on our race. But thankfully we got a gap of non-rain in the morning hours. And it turned out perfectly since it wasn’t too sunny so it was nice and cool – we couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather for running!

The course started off with a long opening corral (more like a chute).


My main criticism of the way the race was set up was that everyone fed into one starting corral, and then groups of people were allowed to begin racing every 5 minutes or so, rather than having people register for specific starting times. After waiting in a Porta Potty line that took way longer than it should have, Heather and I entered the corral at what I thought was a relatively early time – but it still took nearly 40 minutes for us to actual start the race. I found this incredibly frustrating because I was stretched out and anxious to run. Thankfully, next weekend’s 5k is set up different with assigned starting times.


We did our best to entertain ourselves taking pictures until it was time to go.


Once we finally got moving, the first dye zone was pink and was maybe a tenth of a mile into the course. I’m not sure if people working this dye zone just threw the dye differently, or what the issue was, but when we hit the zone there was a huge cloud of pink dust in the air that was not pleasant to run through. You just inhaled all this dust and afterwards were “spitting rainbows” (as Heather put it – which I think that sounds like an awesome name for our rap duo). I also discovered much later on at home that I was sneezing color. I know the dye is just cornstarch, but inhaling it doesn’t seem like the healthiest thing in the world.

As I mentioned, we only experienced this problem at the first dye zone, at the others the volunteer “color bombers” would hit individual people (usually in the chest, back, legs) with shots of color and there wasn’t a cloud of dust hanging over the course.

At the final dye zone, Heather and I stopped to take a few pictures and to decorate our faces – “Lord of the Rings Uruk-hai- Style” with some awesome handprints. Nerd girls FTW!


After stopping for our photo break, we decided to run a few sprints to the finish. It was so much fun to just let loose and run as fast as possible! I think the people we blew past thought we were nuts, but we were having fun and it really underscored my feeling of the day that running makes me happy!


Overall throughout the race I walked more than I needed to, as Heather hasn’t been focusing on cardio as much as strength training lately and I wasn’t worried about time. But I didn’t mind because knowing that I could run more than I was gave me this sense of confidence that I really needed as a part of my first race. I did completely forgot to turn on my ‘Map My Run’ app to check our pace (thank you 40 minute wait at the starting line), but I get the feeling that we did okay overall. Next week on Sunday we’re running the ‘Color Me Rad’ 5k so I’m going to try to remember to turn the app on to officially see how we do.

A few short months ago, I wrote a post about running for the very first time. Now I think it’s safe to call myself a runner. A slow runner, a runner who is still learning, a runner who doesn’t always believe she can do it – but still a runner nonetheless. And now that I’ve run my first race I discovered something more (something I never thought would be true) – that running makes me happy.


Workout Playlist – Throwback Edition

Recently, during my spring cleaningI stumbled across my old iPod from college. The poor thing had died to the point that it didn’t work unless it was plugged into a charger, and I had upgraded to an iPhone so it ended up in a drawer somewhere. Mind you, this was 5 years ago so how it had made it through approximately 4 moves since then and still ended up in my current “junk drawer” is beyond me. So, I of course plugged it into a charger to see what surprises it might be hiding and I stumbled upon a bunch of music that I had forgotten about over the years! My computer died and had to be rebooted my Senior year of college, so what music I hadn’t flat-out forgotten, had been lost. I discovered quite a few old favorites that I immediately re-downloaded and added to my iPhone. In particular, my old ‘Workin’ On My Fitness’ playlist had some great music in it that I of course added to my current playlist! I just had to share them with you 🙂

To see my previously posted workout playlist suggestions, click here.

Workout Playlist – Throwback Style
1. “See You Again” – Miley Cyrus
2. “Paralyzer” – Finger Eleven
3. “4 Minutes” – Madonna ft. Justin Timberlake
4. “Switch” – Will Smith
5. “My Friends Over You” – New Found Glory
6. “Take You There” – Sean Kingston
7. “Summer Girls” – LFO
8. “I Don’t Need A Man” – The Pussycat Dolls
9. “Get It Shawty” – Lloyd
10. “Fergalicious” – Fergie

Ok – I admit there’s some pretty cheesy music in there! But there’s nothing better to jam out to while running 🙂

What are some of your favorite work-out tunes? Did this list remind you of any old favorites?

Workout Playlist

Like most everyone – I have a workout playlist on my iPhone that I use when I go running. Mine is called “Workin’ on My Fitness” and it is a continually growing and changing list of songs that motivate me in one way or another. Some songs are included because of the lyrics – and some because they have the right beat (beats per minute) to keep me in rhythm on my run. Sometimes a song comes on at the perfect moment that just pushes you to keep going – and do better than you have before – so I love reading other people’s playlists and constantly gathering new ideas. In this spirit, I wanted to share with you ten of my current favorites. 🙂 Please feel free to share your favorite songs in the comments! I’m always looking for more!

10 Workout Playlist Favorites

1. Kayne West “Stronger”

This song has a great beat, not to mention great lyrics! Actually, probably the only thing I like about Kayne West is this song. Key lyrics: “Now that that don’t kill me/Can only make me stronger/Work it harder/Make it Better”

2. Orianthia “According to You”

Overall great beat for running. Also, generally an uplifting message about being better than your ex thinks you are.

3. David Guetta ft. Akon “Sexy Chick”

I included this one for the beat, and it doesn’t hurt to have someone singing “Damn, you’s a sexy chick” to you while you run! Thanks Akon!

4. Christina Auguilera “Fighter”

I actually use the Glee cover by Darren Criss of this song in my playlist – but either version has a great beat. Key lyrics: “Makes me that much stronger/Makes me work a little bit harder/It makes me that much wiser/Thanks for making me a fighter”

5. Uncle Kracker ft. Kid Rock “Good to Be Me”

This is seriously my #1 all-time jam out. I dance in a crazy over-the-moon-happy, attracts the attention of other drivers fashion when this song comes on my radio. I just love it. Key lyrics: “Damn, I got it all figured out/I got no worries that I’m worried about/It’s like I caught some crazy, happy disease/Damn, it feels good to be me”

6. The Proclaimers “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”

This is seriously classic song. Plus an obvious reference to running a long distance (hey – the song says walking but I’m going to allow for a little artistic license :-)).

7. Muse “Uprising”

It seems a little slow for a running song – it’s actually one of the key songs that plays when I weight-lift but I love the lyrics. Key lyrics: “They will not control us/We will be victorious”

8. Ellie Goulding “Lights”

Another very catchy tune that results in me dancing around in my car while driving. I should probably stop pretending I don’t dance around my car to just about any song that comes on. Key lyrics: “And so I tell myself that I’ll be strong/and dreaming when they’re gone”

9. B.o.B. ft. Rivers Cuomo “Magic”

Hello great beat! Key lyrics “I got the magic in me!”

10. Woodkid “Run Boy Run”

Very alternative song – and at points in it, it doesn’t have the best beat for running but I think a good set of lyrics overcomes that. Key lyrics: “Run boy run/The world is not made for you/Run boy run/They’re trying to catch you/Run boy run/Running is a victory/Run boy run/Beauty lays behind the hills/But now it’s time to run, it’s time to run!”

What are your favorite workout songs?