Welcome Back…..with a twist

Happy fall everyone!

This blog has sat quiet for over a year, so for any of you out there still subscribed, thank you. Last July (2014) I moved from DC back to my hometown and with that move came a new job, being back home with family and friends, a new relationship, and so many other things to discover and enjoy. With those new things, I dropped so many old things – including this blog. It was never my intention, but as it sat longer and longer it became harder and harder to pick back up.

Part of the problem was that I wasn’t “in love” with the title or focus of my old blog. I love writing about health and wellness but health includes so much more than healthy recipes and fitness. Health is also about the things that speak to us at heart. The things we get out of bed for each day, the things we can’t wait to share with the ones we love because they brought us joy – and we want others to have that joy too. For me, these things are cooking and fitness, but also books, movies, TV, and learning. I wanted to share all these things, but the idea of starting JUST a book blog or JUST a TV blog and running that alongside this one felt overwhelming and a little incomplete. Why shouldn’t sharing great books be just as much about health as sharing great recipes? So I created a new blog – titled ‘Lilfe at Heart’ where I plan to share all the things I used to share, and so much more. As I’ve grown and changed, this blog had to, too.

I hope you’ll click over to Life at Heart and follow me there. I promise you all the recipes and fun you’ve come to love — and so much more. And I can’t wait to take that journey together.

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